Wednesday, August 18, 2010


         We know that laptop computers generally cost more than desktop computer does.Laptop computers has its advantages and dis advantages though.Desktop computer has its advantages too.Now we have to think about the main reason why we need a computer for mostly either business or personal and perhaps not.

  The advantage and disadvantage  of  desktop computer,advantage of desktop computer if you want to use a computer for personal use than the desktop computer is a great one to  have at home.Desktop computers do have more power than laptop computer does.The desktop computer has a nice mouse with it.A desktop has more nifty parts and features in it than a laptop computer an a desktop  computer doesn't get stolen very much compared to a laptop computer.The disadvantages of desktop computer is very complicated with many cords to have to with a desktop.A desktop isn't portable the desktop computer hard to move from room to room the desktop is big and bulky.The desktop computer is more difficult to move around.

       The advantages and disadvantages of laptop.The advantage is more portable.You can take a laptop with you everyday on vacation and many other can use laptop with a battery if you forget the power cord .You don't have to worry about power since you run it on a battery for a little while.You can complete your work documents on your computer makes it so that you don't have to transfer files to another computer as much cause you already have all of you files already on your laptop computer.The disadvantage of computer laptop,don't have as much power as desktop computer does.The laptop computer doesn't have as a desktop computer does. A laptop computer is more difficult to fix than desktop computer cause eveything is compact tightly together inside.


    The difference between too are important but the most important  have a laptop or desktop computer that can gave a help because the laptop or the desktop computer is  important to all,then it can gave a happiness to people who can reasearching,uploading ang also chating.

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